Memorial Day Brunch with the Newlyweds!

The day after the wedding, we have reservations for a large group at Benelux Cafe in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. If you will still be in town, we hope you will meet us there for some delicious food and a bit of the hair of the dog. You know you are going to need it.

10:30am, Monday May 28, 2012

Benelux Cafe, 346 N Broadway, Milwaukee WI  53202

see the link to the right

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3 Responses to Memorial Day Brunch with the Newlyweds!

  1. Diane Beebe says:

    Uncle Jed and I will be attending the wedding and might have time for breakfast on Monday morning before we drive back to Ohare for our flight home. Tried to RSVP on your web site, but there is another Leah and Peter that came up. Hope you get this…. can’t wait for the big day. We are so happy for you. Another of the “1979 five cousins” getting married. Love you.

  2. Aunt Patti says:


    Hope it’s not too late to rsvp for the brunch–3 of us

  3. Uncle Dennis & Aunt Kathy says:

    Hi you guys! We will be at the breakfast on Monday morning also, and we will see you Saturday night at the Iron Horse. We can’t wait. Weather sounds like it’s going to be great you you two! See you soon. Love you!

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