Coming into Town Early? Thoughts for Friday


Friday night Leah will be out of town, for her bachelorette party, but you can live it up Milwaukee style. Friday fish fry can be enjoyed at just about every restaurant in town, and Friday late afternoon/early evening brewery tours are a fun Friday activity.

If you want to keep the Milwaukee/German theme going, try the Old German Beer Hall on Old World 3rd st. Or, Mader’s is also a classic in town.

Leah’s favorite brewery tour is Lakefront Brewery, and Peter’s favorite is Milwaukee Brewing Company. In either case, you will have a great time, but don’t plan on driving anywhere afterward. We have also heard great things about the Sprecher tour, but have never done it ourselves. Some places even have polka dancing, but DON”T BURN OUT ON POLKA before the big event!!!



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  1. Jenny says:

    Hello! Kevin and I will be there to celebrate your wedding!
    Jenny & Kevin Koehn

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